About Us

Once Upon a Time.....

You dreamt of far away places.

Many of you still do.

Where wonderful music, scents and mystery float through the air- color and light greet your eyes at each turn, and qypsies and flowers dance across your path-For you.

This is the dreamery. Step our of the stress of every day life and across the threshold of your very own fairy tale-at Enchanteria, a dream inspired sanctuary spa located in the heart of old South Tampa.

Walking through the doors into the Enchanting foyer, you immediately feel you have entered a very special place. Fairy Tale? Gypsy caravan? Bohemia? Enchanteria's resident gypsy, Docia, a life size bronze sculpture greets you with a graceful wave, providing only a hint of what beautiful visions you will encounter. Enchanteria's wonderful staff will take you the rest of the way.....

The eclectic and vibrant yet relaxing interior blends together as you move from room to room, leaving you feeling a strange combination of joy, warmth and intoxication. From the Enchanted Garden Parlor and the Moroccan Lounge, to the Bohemian, Renaissance or Asian Dream Rooms, take your time to slow down and breath deeply. Note the smells and sounds, and details of art and antiquity, color, texture, sparkle and symmetry.

The design of this very unique space was created for you- to invoke the imagination while at the same time encouraging a balance of calm euphoria. To take you back to your dreams.

Live Happily Ever After.