The Craze on Cupping

What is Cupping: 

A centuries-old practice of creating a vacuum effect that increases blood flow, immune response, toxin release and much more!

Is cupping right for me:
Cupping is a great treatment option for individuals experiencing muscle fatigue, scar tissue buildup, nerve pain or muscle spasms.

Is cupping painful:
Some individuals may experience mild discomfort during their treatment. During cupping, there is a pulling sensation at the skin and muscle layer that results in a tight feeling under the cups. Although the red circles seen in the photo look concerning, they are nothing to be afraid of. It’s simply blood flow coming to the area working to realign muscle fibers and heal micro tears.

How long will the redness last:
It’s hard to tell as everyone’s body is different. The redness can last anywhere from an hour up to three weeks. It’s a good idea to check your social calendar before booking your session!

Is cupping available as a stand-alone service:
Yes, guests can book a 30 min session for $45. Cupping can also be preformed during your massage.
Give us a call at 813-254-6832, if you’re ready to book a cupping session. Guests receive 15% off their first treatment when booked with a 50 min massage!